El Barco Escuela – 1 de mayo del 2013

El Barco Escuela es nuestro Programa Insignia. Consiste de educación e investigación en el mar. Integra estudios académicos con viajes cortos a la playa o arrecifes y expediciones en una embarcación. Se ofrecerán clases de Ciencias Náutica, Velerismo, Oceanografía, Biología Marina y Laboratorio de Investigación. Seguido de una expedición donde se aplicaran teorías aprendidas en el salón de clase,  realizando investigaciones oceanográficas o biológicas.  Los estudiantes aplicaran en el entorno costero o marino lo aprendido en el salón de clase y serán parte de la tripulación.

Estamos en conversación con varias universidades y escuelas para establecer Programas colaborativos educativos y de investigación costera y marina. También, ofreceremos expediciones para nuestros investigadores marinos y de otras instituciones. Además, el Barco Escuela ofrecerá cursos y expediciones a grupos eco-turísticos.

La convivencia y trabajo en una embarcación de vela y en el ambiente marino es bien dura y exigente. Estas condiciones retan a los estudiantes a dar el máximo. Estos se exponen y adquieren un sentido de compañerismo y comprenden lo importante que es trabajar en grupo para lograr sus objetivos. Además, desarrolla la confianza en sí mismos y en sus compañeros y aprenden sobre la importancia del respeto y disciplina. Crean conciencia y aprenden a apreciar y a respetarla la naturaleza marina y se les enaltece su carácter y espíritu.

The School Boat – May 1, 2013

The school boat is our flagship program. It consists of education and research at sea. It integrates academic studies with short trips to the beach or reef and expeditions in a boat. nautical science, sailing, oceanography, marine biology and a research laboratory courses will be offered. Followed by an expedition learned theories in the classroom, will be applied, conducting oceanographic and biological research.  Students will apply in the coastal or marine environment what they learned in the classroom and will be part of the crew.

We are in conversation with several universities and schools to establish collaborative educational programs and marine and coastal research. We will also offer expeditions to our marine researchers and other institutions. In addition, the boat school will offer courses and expeditions to eco-tourism groups.

Living and working in a sailing ship and the marine environment is hard and demanding. These conditions challenge the students to give their maximum. They are exposed and acquire a sense of camaraderie and understand the importance of team work to achieve their goals. In addition, they develop confidence in themselves and their colleagues and learn about the importance of respect and discipline. They create awareness and learn to appreciate and respect marine nature and their character and spirit its exalted.



School is the best place for the new generations because in this way they can able to learn those things which are best for their life. Thanks for sharing these articles with us because it will give the awareness about the importance of schools.

08/20/2017 3:29am

All the students enrolled on the said program are so lucky for they get the chance to know specific details dealing with sea and everything under it. I was also lucky enough to know some information about it when I was still a high school student. The subject was called "Fisheries" back then. It was one of my favorite subjects up to these days! Learning is so much fun if you love the the things you are discovering from time to time!

09/16/2017 4:14am

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