Implementación de soluciones a problemas ambientales con acciones concretas, prácticas y eficaces. Utilizando recursos y energía para poner la solución en su lugar apropiado tales como:

1.     Remoción de escombros y limpieza de ríos, estuarios, playas y fondos marinos;

2.     Recoger basura de playas;

3.     Siembra de árboles, arbustos y hierbas para estabilizar terrenos;

4.     Siembra de hierbas, corredoras, arbustos y árboles para estabilizar y restaurar playas

5.     Siembra de corales

6.     Concientización de ciudadanos y responsables de tomar decisiones, por medio de charlas de orientación, pancartas, anuncios, correo electrónico, conferencias, etc.

7.     Charlas educativas, mesas redondas y de concienciación en escuelas, universidades, cooperativas agrícolas y de pesca, etc.

Implementation of solutions to environmental problems with concrete, practical and effective actions. Using resources and energy to put the appropriate solution into place such as:

1.     Removal of debris and cleaning of rivers, estuaries, beaches and seabed;

2.     Pick up beach litter

3.     Planting of trees, shrubs and grasses to stabilize soils;

4.     Planting herbs, runners, shrubs and trees to stabilize and restore beaches

5.     Planting coral

6.     Awareness of citizens and decision makers by means of orientation talks, banners, ads, e-mails, conferences, etc.

7.     Educational talks, round tables and awareness in schools, universities, agricultural cooperatives and fisheries, etc.


05/25/2016 12:17pm

I really say you thanks for sharing this outstanding post with us. This is a really good job for saving the humanity and their health. We should have to follow these rules for improving our life’s and health’s. This will be also good for our coming generations.

09/23/2017 6:41am

I am so glad to read all your plans to help save our environment. I believe that there are lots of ways on how we can make our environment its healthier version once more. I admit that it will take a lot of time and effort from you, but the fact that you were able to contribute in saving this planet matters a lot not just for you, but most importantly to the next generation. Thank you for these wonderful tips! It helped us a lot!


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