Proveemos un foro en el portal cibernético (“Blog”) donde se traen a colación problemas ambientales. Exhortamos a la comunidades y a ciudadanos a que se manifiesten, escribiendo. Tema sugerido: Que creen es el problema más agravante en su área o en un lugar que frecuentan.  A nivel isla o global. Cual creen es la fuente del problema y la mejor solución. Los ensayos sometidos se publicarán en el portal virtual y se alentará comentarios sobre ellos.

Describa el problema lo mejor posible pero por favor sea breve.   Incluya la localización exacta con varios puntos de referencia si es necesario. y envialo a

We provide a forum ("Blog") where environmental problems are brought up. We call upon the communities and citizens to manifest themselves, to write. Suggested topic: What do you believe is the most aggravating problem in your area or frequented place. In your country or globally. What do you believe is the source of the problem and the best solution? Submitted essays will be published in the virtual portal and comments about them will be encouraged.

Describe the problem as best as possible, but please be brief.  Include the exact location with various references points if needed. send to us at


07/06/2015 10:43pm

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Discussing environmental issues is indeed relevant nowadays. We should not only discuss about this, but do something about the things that has been discussed. We should find ways to protect our environment because this is our home. We should live in a world that is clean and bright. We should help preserve the beauty of our world in our own little ways.


You give the good platform to the people so that they can describe their problems. Some people did not the courage to describe the problem freely and they need the good environment and this platform is so good. You should expand this platform.


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