Estamos levantando un Cuerpo de Vigilantes del Ambiente Marino Voluntarios y Adiestradores Voluntarios. Ofreceremos adiestramiento  a los vigilantes voluntarios sobre leyes y reglamentos ambientales, identificación de organismos, funcionamiento de ecosistemas, su importancia y fuentes de impactos potenciales, protocolos de acción, etc.

We are raising a of Volunteers’ Marine Environment Vigilant Corps and Volunteer Trainers. We will offer training to vigilant volunteers on laws and environmental regulations, identification of organisms, ecosystems functioning, sources of potential impacts, protocols of action, etc. 

    Si le interesa vigilar y cuidar nuestros recursos marinos apúntese como vigilante, adiestrador o ambos. Lo contactaremos con información detallada sobre el Cuerpo / If you are interested in monitoring and caring our marine resources sign up as a vigilant, trainer, or both. We will contact you with details on the Corps.



07/29/2016 4:06pm

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05/10/2017 7:39pm

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Being vigilant is beneficial. It can help catch those who does harm to your surroundings. There are several organizations who seek help for the betterment of the marine waters and the forest. They conduct free training for vigilant volunteers. This is a great way to catch those bandits who harms the environment.

07/29/2017 5:02am

I am very Glad to get this one here thank you so much.

09/10/2017 4:34am

Allow us to deliver some of the information that we have.

10/06/2017 10:10am

The next time I will probably join you! And your trainings!


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