Grupo Ambiental, Salud, Conservación Marina, Educación, y Comunitario forman Alianza Aguas Limpias – 11 de febrero del 2014

Un variado grupo se reunió por primera vez para formar la Alianza Aguas Limpias. El cual pretende crear consciencia en el manejo responsable de las aguas usadas para prevenir efectos adversos a la salud pública y el ambiente. Este frente unido o alianza se está creando para atacar el problema de las aguas

sanitarias en al área metro. Desbordes del alcantarillado sanitario, conexiones ilegales, descargas de aguas sin tratar a cuerpos de agua, etc.

El grupo consta de varios grupos de conservación y protección de recursos marinos tales como como Arrecifes Pro-Ciudad, Guardamar, VIDAS, CORALATIONS, MARES, etc. También una líder de grupo comunitarios de Condado y una doctora en salud ambiental.

An Environmental, Health, Marine Conservation, Education, and Community Group form "Clean Waters Alliance” -  February 11, 2014

A diverse group met for the first time to form the “Clean Waters Alliance”. Which aims to raise awareness on responsible management of wastewater to prevent adverse effects to human health and the environment. This united front or alliance is being created to attack the problem of the waste water in the metro area. Overflows of sanitary sewage, illegal connections, untreated water discharges into bodies of water, etc.

The group consists of several groups of conservation and protection of marine resources such as Arrecifes Pro-Ciudad, Guardamar, VIDAS, CORALATIONS, MARES, etc. Also, a community group leader of Condado and a PhD in environmental health.



The clean water can be useful in the different environmental health. It means that the new and first development can be devoted on the different new virgins. This is known as the first development in the passage of time. This project can be helpful for everyone.

07/27/2017 10:05pm

This is such a good program because people have been neglecting the fact that our oceans are slowly being permanently and completely polluted. It angers me to know that there are still many people who choose to throw their trash in the ocean instead of disposing their waste in the right way. We need to understand that the animals living in the oceans can die because of the trash that we throw in the ocean. There are many instances when whales and sharks would be found dead in the sea because they ate the plastic wrappers and bottles that people throw in the ocean. We have to open our eyes and face the fact that we can only help these ocean animals if we become united with one another.

09/08/2017 2:51am

People nowadays doesn't value the things we have on our surroundings. We all know that we must take care of it because it is God's creation, He entrusted it with us, but all we do is abuse everything we have. We are lucky that we still have a fresh air to breathe. Is it hard to keep and take care of the things He entrusted us? We must value the things that surround us because what if it's too late to take care of them and value them? Nobody can tell, so might as well, let's do it as early as now. Water is the most important things we need, because our body is composed of it also, without water we will never survive.

03/22/2017 7:32am

I find myself wanting another website to blog,post,etc. help ?.

09/01/2017 5:38am

What groups are there too? Or you have named all of them?


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