Vigilantes del Arrecife de Isla Verde – 7 de marzo de 2014

Se crea Grupo de grupo de voluntarios(as) de vigilancia para la Reserva Marina Arrecife de Isla Verde.

Paco Lopez dice que los vecinos, usuarios de estas playas de Isla Verde pueden ser parte de los OJOS que vigilan nuestro recurso para cuando veamos alguna amenaza contemos con una red de comunicación y podamos ayudar a las autoridades estatales y municipales. La designación de esta Reserva Marina es un logro comunitario y es nuestra responsabilidad colaborar en su protección, añade Paco. Se estará estableciendo un  Protocolo de Vigilancia.

Vigilant reef Isla Verde - March 7, 2014 

A group of surveillance volunteers is created for the Isla Verde Reef Marine Reserve. Paco Lopez says the residents, users of these Isla Verde beaches, can be the EYES that watch our resources so that when we see a threat we will have a communication network and assist the State and municipal authorities. The designation of this Marine Reserve is a community achievement and it is our responsibility to collaborate in their protection, adds Paco. A monitoring protocol will be established.



I guess it's a good news.

08/18/2017 7:11pm

I would gladly volunteer here as well! As a traveler, my main priority is not only to explore the best places this world has to offer, it is also my responsibility to take care of it. Every people in this world has their own share of how they could take care of our environment, it doesn't matter how big or small it is because it would still definitely create a big impact. Volunteering in organizations that focuses on sustaining our environment is one of the ways that we can do to save our Mother Earth, not only you could gain some new friends, but you can also help our environment. I hope that there will be more organization like yours. I am wishing for the very best to all of you.


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