Se Prepara Presentación de la Pre-Propuesta Conceptual del Bosque Costero del Balneario de Carolina – mayo del 2014

Pedro M. Gonzalez-Hernandez Especialista en Manejo de Zona Costera y asesor de Coalición Playa pal Pueblo prepara Presentación del Borrador de Propuesta Conceptual.  

The Carolina Public Beach Coastal Forest Concept Pre-Proposal Presentation is Prepared – May 2014

Pedro M. González-Hernández coastal zone management specialist and advisor to Coalicion Playas pal Pueblo prepares Presentation of the Concept Pre-Proposal Draft



07/12/2016 12:40pm

Society and characters to be played in eh scheme are considered as final and for perfection. It is the timely produced and announced. Tithe offered for the betterment and efficiency. It is the entirely done with the reformed and suggested.


Hello sir, after I read the article you get to the bottom, It is very interesting to look at, it can provide benefits, and also the lessons, I really like it.


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08/10/2017 12:58am

The society is doing very well to create awareness among the people and to educate them about different subjects .Through blogs people are kept up to date about the activities of the society . Nice post thanks .

09/10/2017 12:17am

This island is very beautiful, with white sands and coral reefs.

09/15/2017 6:25pm

A lot of interesting information. People have obtained good news.

09/21/2017 1:19am

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